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Here at Wedding Wishes we know your wedding reflects your unique spirit, personality, and style.

Stress-free wedding planning begins now!

 From guest considerations of memorials for  loved ones, to picking the perfect venue and making your special touches appear magical:

Our clients smile and enjoy celebrations which make memories last a lifetime! 

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Your engagement is a special time to enjoy to the fullest! 

Have fun with your planner.  After all, it's your turn to sit back,  sample the cake, taste champagne, and smell the roses!  Your passionate planner has over a decade of experience to introduce you to the perfect vendors for your perfet day. 

And yes, we work with every budget !

Memories designed by you.

Our lead planner/coordinator listens to your vision so details of your special day happen just as you wish.  We specialize in "keeping the bride and groom in charge of their day"  by coordinating and working with family, bridal parties and vendors to honor our special couple.  

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